Thursday, February 24, 2011

mr. tad is a god...

so, I go to see TAD at the metro in chicago many moons ago... I grab a bag of shrooms and ask this hot bartender is she'd like to indulge, lisa was her name and drunken fun was her game and we commence to eat, drink, and get very merry... shonen knife opens and then, at like midnight, the usual headliner spot, a bunch of clean cut kids in baseball hats hits the stage... at this point I'm so stoned it's not funny... I ask the guy serving beers... "when's TAD hit the stage"... he starts laughing and says "dude, tonight's band is TAR not TAD"

yea, I've got a 2 letter attention span.

btw, the girl dropped me off at my pad and drove away laughing.

mr. tad is a god.
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