Monday, September 26, 2011

a corporation of one.

today I clean up my Facebook account not exclusively because of the new Facebook… it's about preparation for the new internet.

yes, that's right… the new internet is upon us.

the one coming. where they turn your life into a timeline and ultimately like a t.v. show... and they follow you and share everything, not just what you want... and the privacy stuff will be so convoluted you'll need a tech degree to understand how they fuck you/sell you or perhaps a app that protects your other apps.

social media has been a great addition to communication and I'm sure will continue to be a useful tool. the evolution and greatness of, will depend on how free it is… free not only in cost, but more importantly, free in expression.

for me, I liked it just fine back in 2001 when I started broadcasting/streaming audio and eventually podcasting from my home studio… the only on-line tool that has improved my ability to communicate has been that of video technology implemented by youtube… the rest of it, the name brands, the social on-line hang outs… it's just more of the same shit.

for entertainers, authors ect. the new FB is no longer a good thing in my book. it can be, just depends on how we use and don't use these tools of communication... and more importantly how we understand how we are used by these tools or, who's the tool, tool.

the kind of changes Facebook is about to implement will finally and once again separate the pro's from the not-consistent yahoo's and morons who think posting a picture makes them a photographer, or who, because they can twitter to a steven king, because they hang out on-line "with" a great and accomplished author, they are now just as talented as said author.

greatness in art isn't aways agreeable, so maybe I should equate this to do'ers and do nothings and the fact that just because folks hang out with do'ers, doesn't mean they 've done anything… it certainly doesn't guarantee they'll even be inspired to do anything and if the do'er does inspire, it turns into the plagerism, today, in the social media landscape, inspiration equals plagiarism and theft of ideas.

talent by association is a virus created by social media.
doing by doing nothing is a plague created by social media.
inspiration turning to plagiarism has become acceptable thanx to social media.

like I said, the new internet can be a good thing... IF those who create beyond content, beyond the endless stream of cat photos and trivial complaints go their own way. the artist, the author, the creator, they need to hold back… it's time for the pro communicators to separate themselves from the virtual scrap booking and endless stream of BBQ and vacation photos.

if the creative elite can refrain from exclusively 'using' the free services available and house their work on their own website using their own server… this will define the professional creator/artist and separate them from the amateur. and they, the consummate consumer will come running for decent art vs. common content. if the pro's don't share it all, their 'friends' list will bore the consumer back to the movies, back to the artist, the poet, the author.

for me, I've always had my own server, but I came into this game having studied the internet. I was a publisher of books and was one of the first publishers on-line and one who embraced print-on demand technology… and I've loved playing and communicating on the myspaces and facebooks of the world. now as those "social" sites turn into a hub of entertainment over communication, I'm 90% out of there.

yes, I'll keep a presence, but I'll keep all my photos and words on my site and my server alone… I just don't want Facebook or whoever the new facebook/social hang out is, I don't want them using recipes and photos I post in some stupid timeline and presented as my life story. for some wild reason, if that books gonna be written, I'd like to have more control over it.

and then there's the "TRUST US, NOT YOUR FRIENDS LIST" kind of programing going on with so-called 'privacy' settings…. we set "privacy" settings against our 'friends' but Facebook, they're of course a-ok.

the paranoid in me also finds the timing and 'evolution' of FB as suspect, an election year and the individual message is getting lost and the propaganda is overwhelming.

in a world where the corporation runs the show, you really need to pick and choose the corporation that fits into your politics, into your belief system… for me, Facebook isn't the one.

I'm choosing to choose, me - a corporation of one.

my new website will be up and running by nov. 9th. is that site.


Blogger oneperson said...

What specifically is "the new internet"? Got any links?

Son and I were just talking yesterday about FB and where it will be 10 years from now.

Where will the society be in regard to social networking in general? Is it a passing fad? When will those of us who use it, tire of it? Will it all come crashing down? When and if it does, how will that affect those whose identities are wrapped up in it?

Another interesting study in human behavior, and evolving culture, and new discoveries with which humans find themselves morally(?) and intellectually(?) under equipped to know how to direct or regulate.

Ever seen this clip by Arthur Clarke?
Arthur C Clarke predicting the future in 1964

September 28, 2011 at 10:13 AM  
Blogger shanebugbee said...

social networking isn't a fad and we're not talking the future... we're talking the past. I'd say social networking started with the phone.

it's no more than a new form of communication. we need to communicate and cooperate so I don't see simple communication going anywhere.

the facebooks of the world are a tool, how they're used and by who is my concern... buyer beware if you will.

not only will it NOT come crashing down, it will become part of the system, it will become your credit check, you're rental/job application and you will present your FACEBOOK/papers or you won't get the job or be able to travel and so on... the more we post, the more we incriminate ourselves.

what humans are you speaking about??? we're not all one/equal you know... as a matter of fact, I know some human beings who are well equipped to deal... but, they run the show so of course they can deal... it's the ones under them they seem confused.

nice video, never seen it but it's cool. not sure your point with it.
for me, I choose to think for myself without a lot of outside stimuli... I like to figure it out all on my own... I think you can predict the future that way, you can add to the document because you're living and feeling the concept discussed within that document... too much study of that document before you live and feel the concepts discussed within, will forever cloud your view, it will have been done already and will grow boring... I like to keep it exciting and wondrous and live and try and then study and then add to the concept.

I've studied the internet for close to 20 years, so I feel ok to make a guess and or prediction and or a silly comment... I helped blaze some of the path, so yea, I'm heavily invested in this subject.

October 1, 2011 at 3:15 AM  
Blogger oneperson said...

Thanks for the response Shane.

So the "new internet" that you refer to is more specifically Facebook and how you see it will be utilized in the future? I just rejoined the FBorg back in May, 2011.

I've not studied the internet much. Have hardly a clue compared to your knowledge. Thus I asked my question about the "new internet." I'm curious and your term intrigued me. I wondered if it was something being discussed, and I wanted to read a bit more. That's all.

By the term "social networking" I meant in the context of online social networking. Guess I should have been more specific with my term.

As far as humans, I was referring to when discoveries are made and humanity finds itself in a dilemma on how to utilize the discovery, (ie: nuclear power, cloning, etc.) There's the good side, the evil side, and the middle. And, then a discovery put to use for what may be intended as good, ends up harmful. So that's what I was referring to.

I thought you were talking the future. Thus the clip of Arthur Clarke. Yup, cool clip. :)

Thanks again!

To life

October 1, 2011 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger oneperson said...

Hmm..rereading your response again. You state "facebooks" I figure you mean online social media networks in general, and not limited to the Facebook?

October 1, 2011 at 9:41 AM  
Blogger shanebugbee said...

I am and I'm not talking about FB. they are going to set a model that will spread.

the difference between the phone and our social interaction is big and will produce change rapidly... because our actions are transparent, so is out ignorance. when someone acts the fool, folks attack and they change or eventually die off with the influence of the masses resinating in their children or at the very least their children's, children.... much like the media used to do.

I'm not one to break things into good and bad and evil and not, so maybe that's where I get confused and or aggressive... for me it just is. I guess I do break things off into groups, one would be stupid and non-stupid.

the "new-internet" term is just my slang or way of saying big change is on the horizon for the face of the tool we knew and how we use that tool will change because of that.

as far as harmful. the fights not over, but it, the net, is definitely going the way of total control of mankind... it just depends on how this all flushes out over time.

I guess the bigger question I come up with is... can we, the human, get back to our center... can we break the cow like existence we now have and once again be the masters of our fate.

October 1, 2011 at 10:29 AM  

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