Saturday, August 29, 2009


BLACK HEART, FREE SPIRIT, ETERNAL INFLUENCE - I made this NE'RE-DO-U-WELL MAGIC MOJO BOTTLE for thee Jinx Dawson of the original metal band COVEN... jinx helped gave birth to heavy metal and definitely preceded and heavily influenced bands like black sabbath. She was the first to give the horns up metal sign that ronnie james dio takes credit for... jinx truly lit metal with the black flame she hold so high to this day.

this bottle was created after jink and I had an online discussion regarding the legalities of finding and keeping a bald eagle feather... I found out she had a heart attack and felt compelled to make and send something charged with healing powers and loving thoughts.

the NE'RE-DO-U-WELL MAGIC MOJO BOTTLE is made using 'the clay' a brass vase and a glass bottle... I also included items inside the bottle that represent, strength and endurance... some of the items inside the bottle include a bulls tooth, sand from my shoe, threads of a rope from a ship wreck, a piece of whale bone and other secret ingredients that only jinx and I know of.

jinx, your influence and spirt are eternal - stay strong doll.

for more on jinx:
for more on coven:
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Humbly Thank Thee My Liege for thy Cherished Gift...The Magick Bottle is most Welcomed into My Coven...

Always Thine...Jinx

August 29, 2009 at 5:52 PM  

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