Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new interview in a great magazine…

I have the honor of appearing in the new ArtSync magazine and had the honor of being interviewed by christine clemmons… I'm still not sure how she got me to do the interview as I pass them up quite frequently. I'm also not sure how she got me to open up like I did, but she did and I did.

I really like the interview/story because it tries to encompass more than just one aspect of what I do or have done…. most stories/interviews focus on one thing, like serial killers or satanism or some singular event or moment… this piece deals with me, as a person and not a product.

there are many reason I'm proud to be a part of this project… the main reason is that it is a selfless project that seems to be as much an artistic endeavor as it is a art magazine. today, publishing and producing a magazine is a labor of love and it shows with this issue and this publisher.

I hope you'll check out the interview and the entire magazine and the back issues and spread it far and wide… this is a magazine for the artist, the world of art and the entire world… so pass it around… it is after all… FREE!!!

go to the website and click on the cover of issue 5 to read on-line or click the PDF link to download or visit the site next week for the print on-demand option.

artsync magazine:
direct link to download the PDF version of artsync:
artsync on facebook:


Blogger V Holeček said...

Hell yeah, man! Congrats!

April 27, 2011 at 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Christine Clemmons said...


Some people write nasty lies and/or twist the truth, you know, to benefit their cause. Which in most cases, the ‘cause’ is to destroy what they don’t understand. Then there are people who want attention, so they blow smoke up your ass hoping for five minutes of your time. We’ve all done it…at least once. It’s never really worked out for me. Not because the person I was kissing up too didn’t notice, but because I felt really dirty afterwards. So now I work on being myself all the time. It’s not an easy thing to be, you know, being me. I fuck it up on occasion. My point: The nice things you wrote are smokeless, and not meant for anyone’s ass. I mean, I know every word is sincere. :)

This project means more to me than I can express. It eats all my days and nights, challenges me, and it even makes me sad from time to time, but it’s what I LOVE, and I’m grateful for people like you, always speaking the truth — sharing REAL things — simply put, being human. If the whole thing disappeared tomorrow, I could walk away knowing I did it. And I did it with help from you…and a few others. (not that i wouldn't look under the bed, or search the whole world over. i mean, i wouldn't just walk away if it up and vanished. gimh.) Anyway, thank you for spending hours on Skype listening to me rant. And thank you for responding to a few of those sappy-feel-sorry-for-me emails. During that time I was in a bad place, and you were one of the few hands reaching down in the hole, pulling me out. I’ll always feel indebted to you for that. Shane Bugbee, thank you for believing in me, and my beloved ArtSync.

Look forward to working on the next project together!


Christine Clemmons

May 1, 2011 at 11:34 PM  

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