Tuesday, November 15, 2011

an open letter to the occupiers.

I support the occupy folks and I'm happy to see them removed from the parks.

it's not a free speech issue.
it's a do nothing issue.

you've had the support of many unions, including the teachers union.
and what did you do with that support?


you could have done many things, maybe hired investigators to find out why children have out-dated school books or why the veteran hospitals are so horrid yet the parks built for vets are so nice… you could have shamed administrators into action.

you chose to talk.

I believe americans supported this moment, and that support is getting less and less because, get this… we're a results driven society.

what the occupiers have accomplished is creating jobs, albeit in the security and law enforcement sector… you've also offered a great distraction for the politician, who can place blame on you and who seems to be stoking the fire every time the occupy deal starts to fizzle out… ever wonder why??

let me tell you why… because it's better than talking about the issues, the real issues… and the lack of answers the old guard, old minded political has to struggle with.

really, if you want to save face you'd call an end to the camping and use the momentum for community outreach on issues that bind, not divide… we all can agree children and their education is the future and important... and we can all agree that the elders have earned respect and hold wisdom we only hope to live so long to gain… let's do for them and watch as the divide lessens and progress, real, tangible progress happens.


Anonymous Amanda said...

You absolutely just verbalized- to the letter- everything I have thought about the Occupy movement since its beginning. Action begets action. MEANINGFUL action is what moves us forward. Thanks for posting this.

Hope you and Amy are well!


December 12, 2011 at 6:59 AM  

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