Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a revolution is the ultimate jobs program.

to pay attention to a park is to ignore the child abuse down the block. cops getting paid. corporations filling orders for pepper spray.
you been played protester.

and the cure for cancer is trapped in a ghetto, in the mind of a surgeon turned dope slinger. do riot cops get paid to cure cancer, plant trees?

seems like a game of lame to me.

and the cure for the worlds ills are stuck in the ghetto, in the mind of a forgotten child who coulda been a contender.

for the forgotten zipcode and the forgotten folks, the forgotten children who have forgotten to care. they smell bullshit in the park and the textbooks are old and the old are shit upon.

some live a life where prison is like a walk in the park.. an escape, a statement. real life problems deserve real life solutions.


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