Saturday, December 24, 2011

the beAst of the season to all my friends...

this here video... my life story.
really, watch it till the end... it's short and fun, you can do it.

this christmas, it's better than the rest... one of the best... no, absolutely the best.

I have hated xmas for as long as I can remember... it's always represented a date where insincere family gets together and fakes interest. no interest the rest of the year, no phone call on a Wednesday in june, just show up and gift give on xmas and absolve yourself of any and all real family/societal obligation.

Over the last 5 years we've been on the road and working thru a creative project as well as family evolution/change/drama, so we've totally ignored this holiday. Our family doesn't usually gift give on xmas, we usually work thru it and try to ignore it... maybe a movie.

today, seeing amy's joy at getting a gift on and in or near the season... well, it put it all into perspective.

I guess I can look on it as a season to give back.
for what you might ask? yea... for what.
it's just the beauty of the life around my world... birds and trees and spys like that...the stuff that makes me wonder and ask, I like that... no, I love it.

it's a season of appreciation and respect.


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