Sunday, October 4, 2009


made this with shane swank as an inspiration (the unicorn symbolizes swank for me)... made with a found unicorn box, shane swanks pulled teeth, smashed praying figurines, lettered beads, 'the clay', fake jewels, and a customized rosary, also using 4 shane swank teeth for the crucifix.

a relief of a cynthia plaster caster's cock cast of mike diana's dick was used for the dickhead 'marking' you'll see thru-out this piece.

the rosary has the words indulgence, antagonist, immorality, liberation as well as secret phrases burned into the wooden beads.

this piece is 7" long 3" tall and 4" wide and comes with the customized rosary.

I'll be traveling to chicago with it, so if our paths cross and you'd like to see it, please ask.


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