Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I don't think I'll ever call dog a dog again

I  sure am glad to have know my friend cheyenne. I don't think I'll ever call dog a dog again, especially when talking to a person about their friend... today I told a young man he had a great looking dog and I instantly felt I should have said friend or pal, instead of dog.

It seems everything I do used to either start with cheyenne or end with cheyenne... cooking, she'd be in the kitchen looking for a scrap and always laying smack dab in the middle of the floor... I know we once mused about making her a dog-skin rug when she passed... when the time came, burying her was hard enough.

I wish I could find something around our house with her scent on it.

and coming home is less, and leaving is too.
cooking isn't the same and eating has become a chore.
I used to look fwd to a solitary walk and today, I can't imagine a walk with out her.

I'm in such pain over this, but it is sweet pain for you/I can't have this kind of pain with out a lot of investing in the joy and the love of it all...I'm glad cheyenne helped to melt the ice around my heart, I'm glad she suspected me a good pal and I'm glad she let me prove that to her... I only wish every day we had together was as close and fulfilling as the last 6 or so years. don't get me wrong, I've always felt a bond to cheyenne's personality... hell, when she was in peril of being brought to the kennel, I asked amy to save and care for her more than once... yea, I had to ask  amy as I know that I'm just too odd and out of it to be responsible to care for much, hell, it's a job to get me to clean up my workspace and to shower, well, cheyenne did afford me the chance to put off a shower as she ALWAYS loved my scent.

cheyenne, I so love and miss you.                              

amy posted a nice obit here: http://www.usaodd.com/?p=1060


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