Thursday, February 26, 2009

the individual vs. the collective

This is one of my all time favorite bits of audio: - The text of this is below.

I stumbled across this movie on AMC and started to roll the recorder... found out later it was Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Ironically, this was a time where we were being run out of town on a rail, quit literally for our thoughts. I related immediately. The impact of this audio clip and the words below last to this day - if you listen, please post your thoughts. - enjoy?

Thousands of years ago the first man discovered how to make fire. He was probably burned at the stake he had taught his brothers to light, but he left them a gift they had not conceived of, and he lifted darkness off the earth. Through out the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision. The great creators, the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors, stood alone against the men of their time. Every new thought was opposed. Every new invention was denounced. But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered, and they paid - but they won.

No creator was prompted by a desire to please his brothers. His brothers hated the gift he offered. His truth was his only motive. His work was his only goal. His work, not those who used it, his creation, not the benefits others derived from it. The creation which gave form to his truth. He held his truth above all things, and against all men. He went ahead whether others agreed with him or not. With his integrity as his only banner. He served nothing, and no one. He lived for himself. And only by living for himself was he able to achieve the things which are the glory of mankind. Such is the nature of achievement.

Man cannot survive except through his mind. He comes on earth unarmed. His brain is his only weapon. But the mind is an attribute of the individual, there is no such thing as a collective brain. The man who thinks must think and act on his own. The reasoning mind cannot work under any form of compulsion. It cannot not be subordinated to the needs, opinions, or wishes of others. It is not an object of sacrifice.

The creator stands on his own judgment; the parasite follows the opinions of others.

The creator thinks; the parasite copies.

The creator produces; the parasite loots.

The creator's concern is the conquest of nature; the parasite's concern is the conquest of men.

The creator requires independence, he neither serves nor rules. He deals with men by free exchange and voluntary choice.

The parasite seeks power. He wants to bind all men together in common action and common slavery. He claims that man is only a tool for the use of others - that he must think as they think, act as they act, and live in selfless, joyless servitude to any need but his own.

Look at history. Everything thing we have, every great achievement has come from the independent work of some independent mind. Every horror and destruction came from attempts to force men into a herd of brainless, soulless robots. Without personal rights, without personal ambition, without will, hope, or dignity. It is an ancient conflict. It has another name: "The individual against the collective".

Our country, the noblest country in the history of men, was based on the principle of individualism. The principle of man's inalienable rights. It was a country where a man was free to seek his own happiness, to gain and produce, not to give up and renounce. To prosper, not to starve. To achieve, not to plunder. To hold as his highest possession a sense of his personal value. And as his highest virtue, his self respect. Look at the results. That is what the collectivists are now asking you to destroy, as much of the earth has been destroyed.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

religion has lost its spirit - FREE MIGHT IS RIGHT

Every once in a while I run into a religious zealot and as much as I try, I cannot keep my mouth shut. this has gotten me in trouble, I have been run out of towns and in general, having very little control over my inner voice definitely keeps things exciting.

I speak up, among other reasons, because I imagine there's still some life in them, maybe they'll think and think some more... it really is about love, not hate with me.

Now, as much as I use the word religion in a negative way, I really have nothing against religion... just collective stupidity.

Religion as a personal belief system is fine - it's when it becomes a collective that it distorts, stagnates and is used to hold you back or make you feel righteous.

Religion is exploited in the collective, it is liberated in the individual.

ok, enough with me and my thoughts - here's the FREE MIGHT IS RIGHT I promised.

el' link-o to a free PDF download of MIGHT IS RIGHT, complete with the infamous Anton LaVey intro.

The art displayed here is from my good fried Doug Mesner, this art was in a prior edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT. And below, I've also added some MIGHT IS RIGHT audio from a radio show we did years ago... enjoy or pray.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my new love - clay

When I can't edit video anymore... I look for something not so hung up in right and wrongs, something more subjective.

Not that the rules of editing film, audio or words can't be broken, but sometimes you just can't compare sitting at a computer to playing with colors, chemicals and clay in a studio... really letting your mind go.

My good pal, Dave Archer turned me on to a clay that can be used without a kiln. He also showed me a technique to grow off of... so here's the first 4 of that growth.

FROM AFRICA WITH LOVE... drift wood, broken glass, saw blade, sea shell and clay.

NE'RE-DO-U-WELL MAGIC MOJO BOTTLE PT.1 - HARSH TONGUE, BAD WORDS, GOOD TEETH - clay, broken glass, sharks tooth, small glass bottle, canadian nickle, broken angel, garlic bulb husk, beads, clay and secret stuff. this has been blessed and is a highly charged.

SALTON SEA & PEPPER SHAKERS - clay, a penny, a pinkie ring, mertle the turtle shell, tree bark and an acorn from dave archers back yard.

THE POWER OF LOVE COMPELS YOU... OR THE BLACK COOKIE MASS CHALICE.- clay, glass bowl, beads, sea shells, ely bank card, piece of cyotel painting, clay pottery from an indian dig, key to ely soda storage, key to Kristina's NOLA apt, key to a hotel room, evil charles salvia tin, guitar pic from jeff becerra, sid yidish doll, vietnam vet stress coin, diamond head mardi gras coin, eraser, 1/8 teaspoon, butter fist glove pin, cork from 12th anniversary wine, a pecan from behind the dew drop inn, war on terror army medal, amy hair tie, a button from the jackets of Anton LaVey, Jeff Becerra and me (Shane Bugbee) and more secret stuff. This was made for my wife, after being on the road for over a year... the ingredients are a collection of some of the stuff we loved from that trip.

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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