Thursday, August 23, 2012

I should start a 'set the record straight' section for this blog...

I talk a lot of shit and sometimes I need to add to that shit talking. other times I just need to make my point clear.

I love the net because it's not static nor in stone and I can continue to explain myself and/or add to the document until I figure it out.

when I speak of the soda-pop company I created, being the worst thing I have ever produced, it wasn't a give a fuck about your personal choices stance - it's from my be more greedy stance.

the request, my point, what I want… a fair fight. If I'm gonna use my evil powers to sell sugar to your kids, I'd like it to not be so easy, I want a push back or a smart debate and/or I'd feel much better knowing I'm not duping a fool. Who likes to pick on the weak and foolish but the weak and a little less foolish.

I think business can and should be honorable and can even be nobel without giving up on the gold.

when I sold soda, I would tell folks that it was harmful to their health. I'd sell double the soda when I did this. yes I do think you can be honest in business and still trick them into giving you the gold.

the undereducated, the uneducated and the just plain stupid should know better before we take their coin. that means honesty on the producers end.

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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