Wednesday, September 30, 2009

road burn hot sauce made to commemorate our year long road trip!!

what a great time making hot sauce with my lil'big bro launce... launce proposed we make a sauce to commemorate our road trip and man did we.

no.17 special road trip sauce • small batch • garlic, habanero & ghost pepper (naga jolokia) flavor

a bottle of this special sauce is only $16.66 postage paid - this price is very reasonable in comparison to small batch hot sauce, some costing in upwards of $300. ber bottle! this is NOT a cheap, wal mart stocked sauce that taste more like vinegar than a savory, smoked pepper.

only 13 - 5 oz. bottles available... signed and numbered.

made from the naga jolokia pepper or the ghost pepper, one of thee hottest of all peppers, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, salt, apple cider vinegar, honey and secret stuff.

and or try the original no.17 ghost pepper sauce... available from my lil/big brother launce at:

or try his facebook fan page:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

mother mary, father time and my old stompin' grounds - chicago trip pt.2

the mother mary lawn display is/was a staple in the chicago neighborhoods I've lived in... I don't/didn't see it alot in most of the places I've traveled, so I wonder if it's just a midwestern thing?

this was the home we owned in hammond, indiana... when the new owner got a look at me, she did the sign of the cross and ran away praying... think I'm kidding?

here's what the current owners spray painted on the door of my studio... it's been on the door for close to 5 years now. it's the third place I've owned or rented that priests have been called in to bless my mess.

I had parents but not a mother or father - this is marie, she owns the bait shop next to our old hammond home... she's one of the ladies I call mom. I miss her, it was great to see her.

standing in the fountain of time, in the middle of chicago, taking pictures... the cops pulled up and then pulled away.... hehehe.

the mass of humanity...

sculpted by Lorado Taft and the white rabbits.

this sculpture stands in chicago's washngton park.

father time and the grim reaper look very similar, no?

for some reason frank lloyd wright is a big deal... I don't like his box style, but this window was ok.

one of the brides of ghost hunter richard crowe... a very entertaining play written by mike flores, the fella behind the psychotronic film society.

my old stompin grounds hasn't changed that much... my memories of the chicago neighborhood bridgeport will always have a place in my heart.

the palmer house is a nice place to hang... such incredible ornamentation and art.
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