Monday, September 14, 2009

I want this dick out of my house!!! help sway the plaster cock cast fate

mike diana's dick as it sits today, in my studio.

ok, I wanted some advice...

you see there's this dick bothering me... mike diana's dick or is it cynthia plaster casters dick... I could have sworn it was my dick.

here's the long and the short of said dick...

cynthia plastercaster and myself used to be real good pals, then I moved, and we lost touch. when I tried to reestablish contact and was ignored, I was sure it had to be an oversight, so I tried again and again until I received a fuck off note.

the note from cynthia basically said, she wanted nothing to do with me because I tried to sell the cock cast of mike diana she had given me... the deal was I could NOT sell it.

as you can see from the pictures, I still have the cock, therefore having never sold it.

so, as I still have the cast and haven't sold it, I was, and still am a bit pissed off by this made up drama... I did use the cast to try and sell other mike diana items... the ol' bait and switch if you will, but that doesn't break any fake rule. I'm of the mind that if you give someone something, ultimately they can, and will do whatever the fuck they want with it... regardless of a laughable request like telling someone what they can and can't do with a gift.

as I've honored more artist than a groupie honors cock, I never thought of selling it or breaking the oath... really, I like the stuff I have/had especially when it has a personal story attached... the cock-cast in question used to hold fond memories of times with mike and cynthia, cynthia at the wedding, hanging out in bridgeport, drinking at clubfoot... fond memories indeed.

after her fuck off note I have nothing but anger/betrayal issues when I look at it and desperately want it gone... so I ask for your advice.

A. I'll be heading to chicago soon, do I leave it with one of her friends?
B. do I add it to one of the sculptures I'm creating and make it my own and then sell it?
C. I'd like to propose smashing it or throwing in in the sea or the chicago river... but I can't for the life of me destroy another's art.
D. maybe donate it to someplace like:
E. I'd love to trade it for sexual favors cuz trade ain't sellin, right?
F. or possibly leave it behind as a 'tip' when I head to for the slayer burger?

I'll be in chicago the last week of sept and again the second week of october... when I come 'home' I want this dick out of my house - I'm willing to take it to chicago with me... hell, I'd really love to bring it with me and leave it behind with the rest of my midwestern memories.

yea, I might just do that, bring it with and leave it behind that is... I'm going to chicago for the last time, excluding business of course... the point of my trip is, let's say a huge ritual of sorts... I'm going to bury my mother (disclaimer: not literally, figuratively, like excluding an asshole from ones life.) and all of the midwestern memories that still haunt me to this day.

your opinions/offers could help sway the cock-cast's fate...

here's a link to cynthia's site where she sells her cock cast art:

cynthia and mike.
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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