Wednesday, January 26, 2011

feral art collective - it's not you, it's me.

feral art collective - it's not you, it's me.

I'm sorry to say, I've had to rethink my association with the 'feral art collective' and the con-signment shop knows as wicked "gallery".

there's seldom one reason why things like this happen.

like I said, it's not you, it's me. unlike most artists, I have expectations.

when I got involved it was a collective, not a gallery… this I was cool with. I liked the fact that the feral art collective was willing to go out there and get multiple spots to hang, like the museum show and even the street fairs for instance.

what started for me as a group effort to get noticed and make opportunity quickly turned into a project to promote one couple, and to help them exploit the 'collective' with a con-signment shop that takes no responsibility for the artist's work while in their possession, and without proper insurance to take in actual artwork.

regardless of any of that… the straw that cracked this fat man's back was that the gallery broke a piece of my art, an expensive piece of art. I tried to work it our with them, but instead of being helpful or even just apologize, they had an aggressive and bad attitude. not professional or compassionate, and a bit surprising coming from a group of so-called artists… I mean, the piece I sent was like a baby to me… it was a creation I valued and it being hurt, bothered me.

I made it very clear up front I expected insurance where ever my pieces were displayed/hung, as should any creator/artist worth their salt.

wanting to break from this kind of ilk without war, without having to explain to all in a blog, with full respect of the collective and its other hardworking artists… I didn't want to cause them any harm or negative attention. all I asked was that my art be returned unharmed and for them to not talk a bunch of shit about the who's and whys of what happened… for the better of the collective.

this didn't happen, I received my artwork last night and it was full of damage… one piece is destroyed. they did in fact talk a bunch of shit and the owner even blamed her husband's car wreck on me and my satanic ways.

I was lied to and my experience with wicked gallery has cost me money and destroyed some of my art.

don't know about you, but art supplies, and shipping, and all of that are hard enough. then there's the time it takes to find time to create, anyone who has, knows how precious that time is. to have someone not be considerate of that, to have them be rude and refuse to take any sort of responsibility is beyond what I will deal with and shouldn't be something any artist/creator should have issue with.

I do think there's a lot of great art and artists in the feral art collective… too bad they're caught up being manipulated for the better of a few/two, for the illusion that they will earn, for elaborate beer parties at a 'gallery' that yields very little, if any in sales, and only serves to entertain a bored housewife/mother.

this situation solidifies my belief that words are the biggest illusion… next time I'll ask for proof of insurance.

to sum it up… this is yet another example of the corrupting influence of money in the art world.

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