Friday, October 9, 2009

I'd imagine that if there was a heaven, nana's hot dogs would be right outside the gate, to the left, serving up heaven in a bun.

ever wonder why midwesterners are so huge?

my little/big bro trevor and his little girl ashley...

pop-tarts and cell phones

my brother derek - hell bent on going down with the ship... I hate that he's going back to the middle east.

the chicago meat tower

went all the way to evanston for sid to see the rough cut of the flick I'm working on and he fell asleep in the middle of it... hehehe.

this is jen starr, tour guide extraordinaire for mike dianas plaster cast penis...

and this is some wallpaper jen had hanging at her place.

so we took the penis out for a bite...

we brought it to kuma's corner for a burger and a beer.

they, the folks running kumas made us put the cock cast away... funny, a death/black metal burger joint took offense to the lil prick.

Mr. Hinty and Dan Schlissel from Stand Up! Records fame.

it was cool to see dan work, recording a comedy cd is work you know.

dan was there recording comedian Brendon Burns - who was funny but he hates on lenny bruce so that sort of strips away some credibility for me.

the actual shirt from the super troopers movie... the broken lizard comedy troupe was appearing the same night as mr. burns.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


made this with shane swank as an inspiration (the unicorn symbolizes swank for me)... made with a found unicorn box, shane swanks pulled teeth, smashed praying figurines, lettered beads, 'the clay', fake jewels, and a customized rosary, also using 4 shane swank teeth for the crucifix.

a relief of a cynthia plaster caster's cock cast of mike diana's dick was used for the dickhead 'marking' you'll see thru-out this piece.

the rosary has the words indulgence, antagonist, immorality, liberation as well as secret phrases burned into the wooden beads.

this piece is 7" long 3" tall and 4" wide and comes with the customized rosary.

I'll be traveling to chicago with it, so if our paths cross and you'd like to see it, please ask.

shane swank - a god among men.

my visit with my old pal shane swank was wonderful... we're not sure how we lost touch, but it was like no time had passed.

we worked on creative stuff, had great conversations, bought two jesus heads at the local thrift. we ate peanut butter bday cake and learned about native bead working from his neighbors... cake, steak and stew... man did we eat like fuckin kings.

I love mr. swank, he was and is a mentor to me - I learned alot from swank in the old days and even more over the last couple of days.

in the last 72 hrs we produced a painting (swanks first in 2.5 years, and made to see what he could do in an hour), a sketch, a sculpture and a mojo bottle... oh, and swank is 50% into a handmade book as well... if only we could bottle this creative energy, the world would be a different place.

this is also a fitting start to the find a home for the cynthia plaster caster/mike diana cock cast... swank does live in a town with a name that sounds alot like schwanz and swank knows cynthia and I used the cock cast for a sculpture I made while visiting. ( see dickheads and unicorns have teeth... a rosary box of sorts.)

I'll miss mr. swank and so hope our paths cross again - you know you're getting old when you use your pals teeth it the stuff you make... good times - thanx swank!

swank's website:
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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