Saturday, April 2, 2011

r.i.p. thea, my friend, my co-author and my serial killing adopted mother.

r.i.p. thea, my friend, my co-author and my serial killing adopted mother.

dorothea puente died last weekend... she was a serial killing grand ma but I loved her a bit... we did a book together, we used to spend hours a day on the phone. at one point amy and I wrote a letter to the parol board when she was up for parol, letting them know that we'd take her in and give her work.

man I wish that would have happened.

I never thought thea was innocent, as a matter of fact, I knew she was guilty... she'd laugh at some of my more unsavory jokes and when I changed the title of the book from cooking with dorothea puente to cooking with a serial killer, thea only asked if it helped sales and if so, why not put her mug, on a coffee mug... I asked her how a coffee mug ties into cooking, she said the rumor about the drugs going in the food was only half of it and that there was another rumor that the cops never heard where some of the drugs would go into the morning coffee and the rest in the evening meals.

thea, I'll miss your forged artwork and constant asking for a box of goodies to be sent, or the need for me to send you a book and so on. wait, no I won't... that shit pissed me off.
ahhhhh... I guess I understood, being locked up and all, you gotta ask... and I always sent em.

yea, I used to love sending thea true crime books and believe it or not, she loved murder mysteries.

yep, I'll miss knowing she was in this here world.

r.i.p. thea.

I'm including a link to a free download of theas cookbook as well as a video of me of the sacramento news talking about thea after her death.


the cookbook we co-authored:

sacramento coverage:,0,3073781.story

village voice coverage:

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