Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the book... final.

I've spoke a lot about doing a book and film over the last 5 years. They are ready. It is finished.
The book and film is really one entity. That's hard to explain, and even if we create a new word, it seems 'we the people' are deeply entrenched in our market and need to be marketed to.

I'm proud of the project/book/film. My contributions and especially my partners contribution. Amy is an artist who doesn't need to show her art, who is pure as a home grown tomato, she can express and tuck it away in the closet. I'm proud of our collaboration.

I feel the book has something, maybe captured something. I'm told there is a story in them pages.

Too close to know. I do know this project has re-sparked my drive to produce. I lost that after the ely drama, the one where I was ripped apart because of expression. I'm sick of talking about it... if there's anything I hope this project/book/film does is that it helps change the dialogue so I don't have to keep explaining the shunning.

here's a link to the website for the book: http://www.usaodd.com/
we've also made a website to use as a promo tool and at the same time put out the out-takes and featured subjects from the book/film... that site is here: http://bestandworstthingaboutamerica.com/

we're working on deciding what cover we will use and have a 'pick the cover' contest going here: http://www.usaodd.com/?p=115

I really look forward to folks letting us in on their thoughts about our project/book/film.

here's a couple of those covers:

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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