Friday, May 20, 2011

Cultic Abuse is my thing....

I am excited to help out the center for healing and spiritual abuse by joining it's board of advisors. I'm especially excited to have joined an advisor board that includes names/minds like Douglas Rushkoff and Michael Shermer.

I'm definitely stoked by the possibilities… just as long as this doesn't turn into some sort of death cult similar to jim jones… unless I'm in the jim jones position.

To read more go to and scroll down for a bunch stuff on me or maybe search my name, hit the like button, read, rate and all that good stuff.

Monday, May 16, 2011

new stuff from me and she in OBSOLETE MAGAZINE #3!

Amy and myself have two separate pieces in OBSOLETE MAGAZINE #3!

this is a classic sine style mag, pro layout and edit job which is not so typical of the sine… it's a really great read with really great underground contributors… a classic and something you just can't find everywhere.

get your's while the getting is good!!!

you can buy the hard copy for only $3 postage paid at:

you can read the amy piece by downloading the PDF for FREE here:

if you did the FREE read, think about paying them a buck.
that donation link is available here:
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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