Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ok, so I joined an advisory board and all I got was…

a creepy vibe. not that I believe in vibes.
from the start amy warned me to stay away.

my pal doug said it was ok and it was, in that moment and that place… that place being the center for healing spiritual and cultic abuse... and I was stoked to be able to help, to consult and work with other, fellow advisory board members like michael shermer of skeptic magazine and douglas rushkoff of himself.

and then the fella who is at the head, the lead, the big cheese… well, he starts acting odd… using the CHSCA twitter feed and Facebook page to wage a war on paypal… over shipping money.

at this point I resigned in my mind. I mean, if you're doing so bad that shipping money is driving you to rage and to flame out on-line, you have bigger and better priorities to face.

so what I'm saying is I can't stick around only to be a pawn in the next move… maybe john will join a new cult (he was a member of one for some 20 years), maybe suicide… what ever it is, I'm always the
scapegoat, so not on this one… unless you want to note the timing of the decline… it was right after I joined. hehehehee, but I digress.

This brings me to the official reason I'm writing this…

I'm afraid of how John and the CHSCA might express itself after all of those pent up, repressed feelings slowly creep out of that self made cage, so… without further delay, I present my open resignation note to the board of the CHSCA and John M Knapp:

john, it is with great regret that I must resign from the CHSCA today,
wens. sept 7th. please remove my name from the list of board members a.s.a.p. and within a reasonable amount of time. I'd define that reasonable amount of time as 7-10 days… let me know how you see it.

please, get yourself help or take a break and whatever you do, don't join a church. heheheheee. really man, it seems you have a personal deal going on, so as the king said: "TCB baby - TC fuckin B"

I hope you get on yer feet and your new start starts happy and never ends.

thank you for the opportunity john. all the best as of sept 7th 2011,
shane bugbee

btw - here's one of the links I'm looking to have removed...

ART 911!!! underground trial blazer need some help...

if you're an artist and especially an underground one it's time to listen up!!

Skip Williamson, a person who helped to blaze the trails we walk… skip lost everything in the east coast floods… decades of art!!! DECADES!!!

this was his life savings, his body of work, maybe he considered the art like a child… I know when I make stuff, a good % of it, I love like a child, but I don't have kids so what do I know?

Skip truly is a fella who has influenced a generation or three… google his ass if needed or just respond due to the fact that you're an artist, and he's an artist, and the concept that we have no union but our union.

anyway, contact skip thru Facebook… repost his need for help or and of course and always… CASH IS KING!!! send skip what ever you can, even a dollar would help, I'm 110% sure that it's not cheap couch surfing and living out of coolers and my god the whiskey and weed I'd need to fill garbage bags full of my history, part of my mark on life… damn skip, I feel your pain… we lost it all, our art/savings and damn man… we'll send what we can.

Skip Williamson - PO Box 1567, Wilmington VT 05363

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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