Friday, October 14, 2011

99% skeptical.

It's been a week since I've been to the occupy portland encampment and my attitude hasn't changed much and my skeptic nature has grown.

regardless of my politics, I understand that the 99% movement is important. my anger comes from the promise of negotiating a better deal being so close and yet, so far away.

will the 99% deal fizzle out?
are the 99% really just pawns in a political game most will never know or understand?

After visiting the portland camp I took notes fast and furious. how exciting… how depressing. my notes reflect and agree a lot with what my tea bagger pals, the other side, the right or what ever the other, other side, the left, the 99%ers call them.

It was close to impossible to ask a question outside of why are you here… if I asked anything close to reflecting my growing skeptical nature, I was cut off, I was stopped, I was asked to stop filming others, I was questioned about my loyalties more time than I care to recount and more times than I have EVER been questioned in ALL my years of questioning.

I'm not sure which was more shocking… to find out that I agreed with some who I consider, at best, wrong… or the fact that I was attacked and questioned by folks I agreed with for the most part.

I couldn't help walk away from the event feeling as if I had just re-learned a lesson I learn each and every time I try and work with a group with a cause and goal - it's best just to stick to yourself, do as much as possible and try to influence from inside out… influence the children, family, neighbors and zip code you live in and so on… the group efforts that want control are just as scary as the group effort that are in control… and I've never studied a group who wasn't secretly after the control/power they go on about not being interested in.

My suggestion for the 99% group, in hopes you'll avoid being a complete joke:

local occupations - stop it. you're a joke. and splintered and separate, you have NO power… this will serve to take the steam out of what you/we/they/them have done… if you're gonna march, do that, it works well. the gathering in the park attracts the lowest of the low and even if they're not, muddy campers isn't gonna work on t.v..

please, please, if you're going to stay in the parks, please quit collecting money for the opportunity to camp out and eat pizza. funds are needed in NY, that's where wall street is, that's where the attention/support should be… if you're going to raise funds locally, use the funds for a bus full of supplies and people headed to N.Y. - you know this idea makes sense, so do it.

please do more than raise money. it sickens me to see limited resource spent raising and or spending funds… outreach to the tribes, to other ethnic groups who have blazed the human rights trails that you're walking on.

it would also help with the non-leader, leaders image of being the wanna be 1%.
reach out to the low class, the tribes, the juggalos, the plumbers named joe... those from a zip code not considered, even by the most liberal, liberal.

I bet ex-cons and former street gang members might be just as intimidating as a union member… but, same as it's always been.

again, the white collage kid covered in mud isn't gonna get sympathy from the general public… please give the mic to folks who might be hard to understand, those who speak juggalo, ebonics, metal head… this upper middle class rage is more of the punchline with america being the joke… and no-one who is american wants to be a global joke. passion, heart can transcend ignorance and it can speak to those of whom your proper queens english will never reach.

living your politics is real hard to do, talk is not. sacrifice is relative.

the forgotten zipcode is forgotten for a reason - really, what do they have to offer/give/exploit. by the 99% not reaching out to those zipcode, and with those folks not in on the mix, this event it looks like more of the same - the wanna be 1% trying to rule thru the funny concept of non-rule.

I just can't see this moment/movement going anywhere quick.
guess why?

the folks who do have jobs, those who are of value to an employer or those who run a business with employees… unless they STOP working, the ruling class really has no reason to negotiate with the unemployed and those of little to no value (in a corporate/ruling class sense)… really think about it.

and before you make a sign and fill up the gas tank and head to NY - ask yourself a couple of questions...

#1. how do you LIVE your politics…
#2.what do you DO to relate to your animal… what do you do after work.. hobbies and or passions.

start there, in your home, in yourself… ask you the hard questions and demand the straight answers… this movement will never be respected and will serve as nothing more that a new level in the marketing and manipulation, of the people, for the people and by the people…. unless we seek individual balance.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

occupy portland video number 5

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

99% — The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

the video clips in this post ( have been given to and were shot for, 99% the film. what an experience.

I'm very excited to be doing what I can to help document this moment in american history. working with a group of highly motivated, professional, individuals is beyond inspiring… after filming in that portland park, I'm not sure how I feel about the occupy movement or how much faith I have in it going anywhere… I do however have faith that our film will push forward and stimulate even the numbest of americans.

99% — The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

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Monday, October 10, 2011

my portland occupy videos...

it seemed like, over the course on the next two clips, I was asked to stop filming this person or the next or both like, maybe, a dozen times... it was rude and made for a confusing time. I have a lead in clip I haven't posted, It shows the gal with the mic cut this kids complaint off and call an end to the meeting... for me, it was all I needed... I wanted to hear what the person in charge didn't feel worthy of my time/ears. I came out of this thinking... more of the same, politics as usual... the fix is in.

the lower classes deserve to be heard not just the wanna be 1%.

here's some of what I witnessed...

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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