Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sarah Weis and Follow Spot! art space are a fraud in another artist paint staind pants.

Sarah Weis and this fraud of a 'art' space called Follow Spot! are in it to exploit the arts... they're in it to elevate themselves into the entertainment business... they're in it for themselves, not that that's a bad thing... if your self isn't void of all.

they're royalty and the artist is the jester... their business card should read - "look at us, we surround our selves with whacky artists - therefore we have something going on."

I was recently booked for an event at "Follow Spot!". I had issue with their lack luster promotion and more so how I was/wasn't represented.

I spoke my mind, brought up the problem and was canceled from the event.

I draw few lines in the sand but if I know you and you have anything to do with these dolts I will question why I know you... for you must be a moron or a doormat, neither do I want to associate with.

In Sarah's first message of excuse and justification she stated she didn't want to censor... yet she did.

talk about projecting your intent.
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