Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Will and Testament of me, shane bugbee.

Last Will and Testament of me, shane bugbee.

I have very little.
it will all go to my wife, amy bugbee, together or not.

any artwork, writing or creative projects I've been involved in… if in anyway something I have done or had a hand in creatively is of worth, these items must be placed into a trust and in the case of amy bugbees death, all responsibilities of stated trust will revert to douglas mesner as the executor of the trust that houses any and all of my creative works.

I do want it know that I do NOT want one person in my DNA family or any family for that matter to receive one thin dime. any exceptions to this will be carried out by amy/doug in a personal and private way.

as for the trust that is set up and that houses my intellectual and creative properties and any profit from them… I'd like any and all monies to go to a swamp or tree… it must be applied to an environmental cause and should go to where ever it will have the most impact and absolutely for the better of the environment. this shouldn't be left open to speculation, I'm talking growth, seeds and saving any green and grassy and alive with animals and vegetation and rivers and streams and fish areas. I am especially in love with the mouth of the columbia river and all of it's trees and eagles, and salmon, and sturgeon and blue heron.

really, my only concern is any monies I might be due in my death NOT go to family and any and all monies go to the air, to the trees, to the animals and to the water.

in sound mind and fat body - shane m. bugbee september 17th, 2011

I'd like to add that launce bugbee is a great guy an amy and doug both know that launce can be trusted and he will be taken care of in personal and private way.

Friday, September 16, 2011

plastic wrapped billboard hate

it's never too late for influence. the herd is easy.
we need to market and influence them.
same as the corporation does... it's all the know at this point.
they get their rage from a billboard and their hate from a box of uncle bens rice.
opps, no more boxes, they get it from the plastic wrapped products they consume and store like a chipmunk does nuts.
we say green, the man stamps it on the can.
all natural, new and improved, two for one bullshit.
if you market it, they will believe.
don't fall for t.v. greed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

marketing is the last of the black arts, the last magic.

it's all programing thru marketing.
want to NOT be lower middle class, want success, vote for success, vote for us... the republicans have marketed themselves as rich and successful. it has less to do with hate and everything to do with the base instinct of wanting more... what I'm saying is, I don't think it's fear/hate that motivates the majority of nascar republicans, it's the illusion of success the repubs. present... that and total ignorance.

the time to talk vote reform is here. let us not talk politicians, let's talk the future and the people.

the people as defined by the majority have been robbed of decent education - they are for the most part ignorant.

not much we can do about this.

we can accept it and take control... thru marketing we can help them make the choice that would serve them over their masters. but, we need the entire populace engaged so we must change voting laws... I'd go as far as to make it illegal not to vote. and fuck registration... you have an I.D., are a citizen and are of age to vote and you can walk in and vote the day of the election.

and the election would be fought tooth and fucking nail, till the last fucking hour of the last fucking vote.

we can lead them thru marketing.
they are lead not by a leader, they follow the billboard.
the bright colors... the whitest teeth.
race isn't motive it's the excuse... the 'good' reason.
a reason to be greedy... they confuse greed with real success.
they go for the gold with a vote, not work.
the poor have t.v. greed, a plastic greed. not animal greed.
knowledge was power, now it's as obsolete as information.
and all we have left is wisdom... and we beat the wise.
lord of the flies.
as the wise struggle and hide and get silent.
the silence is deafening, a white noise buzz.
a swarm of flies above.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ely, mn. - smells like fire, sounds like a curse!

at least I once thought about actually torching you. I really hated how you made my wife cry.
I did lay down a curse before I left, one that you would burn to the ground and be built back up by the same people who you took the land from, the tribe/casino.

when we left ely we went on a year long road trip circling the country... in one of the biggest rituals ever, I swore I would get your attention and ultimate apology for treating me and my wife as filth for how we thought, contrary to how we contributed and befriended the community, regardless of the fact that we were only there to help amy's father after he had a stroke, regardless of the fact we started a business and created jobs.

you were so cruel, and I mean the entire town of ely, you acted as a collective so I had no choice but to curse you as a collective.

if you'd like things to cool down, if you'd like me to lift the curse... I'm gonna need a letter of apology note to my family for your cruel and ignorant actions.

so, I will await your letter of apology.

here's an article that somewhat explains what happened:

here's a video that might help illustrate my rage/pain/hate:
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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