Thursday, April 19, 2012


Amy & I are packing our stuff and getting ready for our week long WTF FEST!
more info on WTF FEST here:

I'm stoked to be working with the hardest working poet in the business, John Sinclair along with Dave Densmore and Dave Archer… I'm more than stoked - I'm humbled and honored. I've learned so much from these three wise men.

Then there's the chance to get to play with Ugly Shyla & Ruby LaRocca & Monica Puller & Esmerelda Strange and all the local acts - yes - I do be hella stoked!!!

It will be an event that this area won't soon forget… what area you ask???
well, the great pacific northwest area!!! we'll be in eugene, astoria and portland oregon as well as seattle washington… if you're in those area - please stop out.

sunday 4/22: eugene show
monday 4/23: portland show

friday 4/27: astoria show
sat 4/28: seattle show
sun 4/29: seattle show

below you'll find video that some of the artists involved have made… take a look.

Ruby & Monica:
Esmerelda Strange:
Rick Shapiro:
Shane & Amy:
Dave Densmore: on WTF:

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