Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the 9 days of pie is HERE!!

tonight was a great kick off to the 9 days of pie... a wicked and great pecan pie streight from cajun country. thanx to great aunt charlotte picou and allison.

amy has also started a web site to document "the greatest, truest holiday ever created" - the nine days of pie!!!
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over 20 years of refusing the invites of the educated, celebrity and ruling classes, preferring instead the excitement of upper low class, poverty, petty crime and violence.

It's not the wine and cheese I hate, it's the boring, void of anything lives the rich and privileged scurry thru like the walking dead on meth - most of the rich think their cultured simply by consuming - culture can't be bought, it must be lived.

I was truly meant to live on the side of a hill, growing my own tomatoes, basil and garlic in peace with my soul mate and dog.

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