Tuesday, December 7, 2010

stay tuned, do nothing.... you're safe and warm.

this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

the outrage and headlines over jullian assanage's recent issues with web hosting companies, on-line billing businesses, visa, mastercard and the like are funny to me for the simple fact that these tactics have been used forever on pornographers and underground publishers like myself.

my business has been hit with DOS attacks, visits from the feds, paypal holding funds, keeping funds, blocking payments and in general harassing us out of business from time to time… not for breaking the law mind you… it was always a moral clause…a moral clause that WE ALL sign when we use the service.

the moral clauses from and of the corporations are in direct violation of most of our rights as citizens… and of course a business has their rights too, and we make our choice to use those services…. but, somewhere in-between there is a decent way to conduct business within the rule of law. of course a business has an obligation to not provide their services for illegal acts… they might be held liable and all of that… but the moral clauses are immoral, and anti-constitution, and ultimately anti-american.

the thing I see with the entire wikileaks case is that we do need new laws with this brave new technological world, but not laws against the people, we need laws to control the wealthy… after all, we're all dogs, some more wolf than poodle, but all dogs… it's the dogs with unlimited resources (big, strong, wolf like teeth) that need to be controlled, not the dogs with no resources (sharp, yet small teeth riddled with tooth-decay because they eat too much cake). the lower end dogs with bad teeth usually take care of themselves and ultimately kill each other off with the tools of the bigger dog anyway, so again… we don't need to control folks who do nothing but consume… it's the bigger dogs who give them all they can consume, and consume they do, endless and ignorant and without care… but I'm getting away from the point, or am I????

I understand these words fall on deaf ears, after all everyone reading this is guilty of putting up with the patriot act and other attacks on our constitution… all in the name of 'survival', being over worked, too many things on the 'to do' list or whatever the reason… we have ALL let this happen by turning a blind eye when censorship and corporate control happens to the low end, hippie artist or the hate filled nazi… when we let our political fetishes cloud what is our constitutional rights, we laugh as it happens to them, we WILL cry when it happens to us.

we have entered the information age and we need to evolve the conversation to one of a global nature, not just a what's on t.v. in the u.s.a. conversation… we need to lobby for rights, not sit on our hands and be thankful that we're safe indoors, on the couch, warm and basking in nuclear generated light.

the internet is an important tool… this wikileaks issue should make any who didn't get that the world wide web is… world wide, and really powerful, think and understand just how powerful a tool we have at our finger tips… don't just let them take it away, don't trade all of our rights for the freedom to watch wacky youtube videos.

I'm not sure what can be done, maybe mass calling of your local politician?? I don't know, but I have hope that you might.

maybe add to this conversation or… maybe start an important conversation on your facebook page/social media hang out/blog among friends… don't worry as your parents used to probably say… 'if they're your friends, they'll understand'… and I mean, what's the worse that could happen assanage breath???

heheheheheee… pussies.
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