Thursday, November 29, 2012

the extinction of the individual.

yes, the individual, I can still believe in that, I see it as fading, maybe a close to extinction kind of thing... when we left on our road trip, I wanted to paint a damning document of america. after the wife and I experienced so many loving and smart folks, at leasts kind and simple, well, I couldn't paint that picture... I felt it was my america too and, we should stay put and fight here.

today, I again feel like leaving, anywhere would be better than here. it's not misunderstanding, ignorance and hate that upset me, it the junk culture that really breaks my spirit. america has become and worships junk culture and tourist locations and more junk culture....

Monday, November 26, 2012

I just got word in from scion... they will distribute our new book.

the programing is in place. the artist feels they must submit to survive and that servitude takes the power of change right out of the art, it drains the magic that unrestrained, unrepentant creativity holds.

or maybe it's the creator and not the corporation who restricts and restrains their own creation for those who can afford it, who can pay for it... maybe art has always been free, maybe that's arts natural state, to fly free.

regardless, deep down inside I feel there is something very wrong with a scion sponsoring the underground and counter-culture - I will always hate scion sponsored crap. maybe it shows my age. dinosaur.

I just got word in from scion... they will distribute our new book and in return we'll be able to tour with the melvins... as part of the wash and detail the rock-stars car crew, we'll have to move to oklahoma after to work at the scion dealership there, but we have a choice, work for scion or be thrown out of a helicopter over the pacific... ok, the scion drone is here, I have to go check the neighbors oil.
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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