Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a very lucky man

today is the birthday of the we in me.
today, 14 years ago amy and I were married at the spot where the first shot of the american revolution was fired.

it's a lot of work being married and all.
regular sex, pies companionship… yep, a lot of work.

I owe my wife a debt of gratitude… you amy, you have opened my eyes to so much love, understanding and compassion. you take me for who and what I am. you encourage me to be me, without complaint even when that me hasn't showered or is a bit scary.

I fear without the love you have shown/given/touched me with I'd be dead or in prison.

when we fell in love it was the first time… I thought I knew love before, but it was different, maybe lust or youthful indiscretion or a friendly love. with you amy, I know a deep love and great friendship.

I'm a very lucky man… here's to 100 more my life, my love, my all!!
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over 20 years of refusing the invites of the educated, celebrity and ruling classes, preferring instead the excitement of upper low class, poverty, petty crime and violence.

It's not the wine and cheese I hate, it's the boring, void of anything lives the rich and privileged scurry thru like the walking dead on meth - most of the rich think their cultured simply by consuming - culture can't be bought, it must be lived.

I was truly meant to live on the side of a hill, growing my own tomatoes, basil and garlic in peace with my soul mate and dog.

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