Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a very lucky man

today is the birthday of the we in me.
today, 14 years ago amy and I were married at the spot where the first shot of the american revolution was fired.

it's a lot of work being married and all.
regular sex, pies companionship… yep, a lot of work.

I owe my wife a debt of gratitude… you amy, you have opened my eyes to so much love, understanding and compassion. you take me for who and what I am. you encourage me to be me, without complaint even when that me hasn't showered or is a bit scary.

I fear without the love you have shown/given/touched me with I'd be dead or in prison.

when we fell in love it was the first time… I thought I knew love before, but it was different, maybe lust or youthful indiscretion or a friendly love. with you amy, I know a deep love and great friendship.

I'm a very lucky man… here's to 100 more my life, my love, my all!!
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