Wednesday, August 19, 2009

anti-social media, the forgotten zip codes and sxsw

a reason or reasons to vote for us to speak @ SXSW:

well, for one thing, we'd be the only mutha fuckas representing the forgotten zip codes, anti-social media, and the creative culture that truly drives technology.

we ask that you vote for us thru the sxsw panel picker, a direct link is provided below, or search the bugbee name after hitting the INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL PROGRAMMING PROPOSALS link.

our aim is to bring the entrepreneurial spirit of the true creative, to a world of squares, content with cubical livin and ikea spending sprees... our target is the suits who try to use social media as another sell you something hustle, continuing to clog it up with old world marketing, forgetting that 'social media' is all about the free exchange of ideas... a place where folks can get together and communicate, open and honestly... without so many middle men and restrictions.

'social media' is also a world of opportunity and adventure... something we found out first hand as we spent a year on the road with nothing but craigs list, some social media outlets, and determination... staying with strangers, seeing the sights and living life... we also posted close to 150 short videos, hundreds of photos, blog entries, and podcasts, ultimately resulting in a upcoming book and documentary film.

our sxsw panel idea is an extension of an article amy did for chris pirillo here:

please vote here:

and it's all based on our year long road trip documented in part here:
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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