Tuesday, December 27, 2011

to increase, to prosper with divine sanction.

to increase, to prosper with divine sanction.
a commission for a good friend.
when I think of that friend, I think wizard, priest, wise one and friend.

this staff should serve as a tool...
a tool of love, vitality and protection.

the augur's lituus is made from a huge marijuana stalk, 'the clay', shells, silver chain, brass, bear jaw bone with teeth, rope and chain from a ship wreck, 9" nails, a shot glass and a crystal to top it off.

if you look, maybe if I were to show it to you, you'd see the fertility aspects of the staff... the sperm, the egg, the vagina's, the penis… the bear and the deer. yep, it's almost all about getting laid and if it weren't for the day to day augural duties it would be ALL about getting laid… this staff helps build a strong wand.

LONNIE D WAGES!!! yes, the staff serves as a shield a mask and a staff.

the front, up top, looking down… it's a bear jaw and crystal that you might see there.

the front, looking front… ish. - lonnie tells me the crystal holds an energy and is magical.

further down the front. can you see the sixes and shells?

the back, up top, looking down. a deer jaw and rusty chain is in there somewhere.

the back/top, looking down. man I'll miss that chain.

about 50% of the back of the staff. the chain was from an old shipwreck, I'm told a very old ship wreck.

mid, back and center of the staff. the rope is also from a ship wreck.

these markings are secret/occult.

close and up the staff from below!

back, bottom and right around 50% of the staff.

back, bottom with shot glass and spikes.

close, back and bottom.

bottom front… the face of the dragon.

lonnie… a good guy.
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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