Friday, December 16, 2011

szandora lavey showed me her tits...

and they were nice and so what.

to use the flesh and pleasure and indulgence to shame another, ESPECIALLY one you've been intimate with is beyond human, a corruption of the animal and a clear indication the person needs to be put down... a rabid beast.

betray the trust of intimacy and you're just as bad.

the video below shows, what I believe is a very sincere gal talking about a book that saved her life… a life of extreme abuse.

it's a shame her ex-man/abuser has chosen to post intimate, xxx photos of her in some sort of stalkerish, desperate grab at attention/affection… because of this I was recently asked to delete this video.

The request has to be coming out of extreme torment or circus… no matter, I'm not deleting the video and will be including much more in the book and film we'll be releasing next year. (politics • art • religion • revolution or the suffering and celebration of life in america)

my reason for not deleting the video… #1, it's nice, the video, it shows sandora sincere, honest. #2, there is not one thing I can do to stop the fact that those photos have been released and will be available on-line, forever. #3, big deal about the photos, this isn't 1999 anymore, paris hilton has B.J. photos on-line… if anything, it's fun and funny that the grand-kid from the founder of the church of satan, stanton lavey, that he would use pleasures of the flesh as a societal guilt trip. dude, sex is fun, didn't your grand dad teach you anything??

there's a LOT more to this story and you'll be able to see and read it, early 2012. best site to find out more about the upcoming book and film:

some stuff, made and for sale by me...
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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