Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clark's Tree...

taken along the discovery trail - long beach, washington.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My open letter to Dan 'creepy sleepy' Paterson

This 'open letter' is basically an edited version of, what I would call the makings of a passionate debate, Dan thinks it to be "angry, nasty, and agro".

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My open letter to Dan 'creepy sleepy' Paterson

Dan, you went on about Michael Jacksons death and ABC checking and verifying it's sources and that's funny, yet sad to me.

It's sad that you've become some sort of shill for old media. defending their lack of savvy to get an exclusive of the tabloid kind. Like MJs death was news or I should say, like ABC is a legit news source.

In this day and age ABC and their like are dinosaurs... I mean, they might fact check, but we all know they don't report the facts.

I made it real clear w/ my comparison to "dewey defeats truman" - time tells the tale. We're in this hyper-speed info age, so it takes no time at all for the sources, for the story, for the truth to come to the surface.

We the people no longer need a middle man to check and confirm the source... the source will check the news reports and twitter/facebook the truth.

I understand you and others like you who depend on a paycheck must represent how important you and your job is, but I think we both know that's BS.

Dan's old website and the reason I judge him corporate shill:

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