Sunday, August 28, 2011

new radio interview - fake vagina and the west memphis three.

the sick and wrong podcast was interested in speaking with me regarding the west memphis three case and the videos I shot for project a year at the wheel.

we spoke sex chance surgery and the little thought notion that the smell/taste is what dives the urge to want to be in and of vagina. I doubt a fake vagina would have that enchanting musk/tasteā€¦ we also talk the west memphis three and ed geins tombstone and how I/we ended up with it.

I ended up guest hosting, with amy, for the entire show. twas a great time.

it was cool as I have actually listened to their podcast before.

ok, download/listen at will:

download direct:
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It's not the wine and cheese I hate, it's the boring, void of anything lives the rich and privileged scurry thru like the walking dead on meth - most of the rich think their cultured simply by consuming - culture can't be bought, it must be lived.

I was truly meant to live on the side of a hill, growing my own tomatoes, basil and garlic in peace with my soul mate and dog.

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