Monday, August 10, 2009

being more greedy kills the skull and the bones 322

made from the bones of an entire deer, a dog skull found on the beach, a broken and fake chupacabra hand, beads, Chinese coins, a deer figurine, a porcelain angel figurine, a broken dinner plate and assorted bones from smaller animals.

this is 12" tall and aprox 13" in diameter.

started in roseburg oregon and completed on the beach, seaview washington.
I used the bones because it's what was available... it's what I found on my walks... like the drift wood I used in earlier pieces.

being more greedy is a concept I'll be explaining in full for an upcoming book we're putting out... the book revolves around our year long road trip. ( ) let's just say, to be more greedy, some times you have to sacrifice and or go beyond doing the 'right' thing to make the pendulum swing YOUR way... and in the microwave, micro blog culture in which we live, sacrifice seems a dirty word, or at least something to avoid at all cost... give up the bigger goal for a bunch of smaller ones, ones you can get on sale at wal-mart... give up meaningful for meaning less.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

jake the alligator man and me...

some of the pin-up contestents.

burlesque by day...

great burlesque I might add.

burlesque by night.

the gal with the smile, she's the 'official' winner of the pin-up contest.

Britney the riveter - she's our winner.

Josh & Britney pushed me to show up, even offering their trunk for my stuff.

this is the front of the winning trophy I gave them.

and this is the back... I'll add more pics later.

my stuff in the truck... was offered $1000. for one of them.

shocked I was offered that, even more shocked I turned them down.

Cheyenne's favorite burlesque gal, no joke she watched her entire set and even made eye contact with the gal.

the fella responsible for the 'stunt' jake who, btw, was the only jake to show.

it's good to make friends with big guys who know how to fight... you never know when you might need a 'favor'.

jake's birthday party was a blast... made some new friends, showed the stuff I've been making... it, the stuff, received a great and unexpected response, the burlesque was great, and I'm very finicky about about that kinda thing... I especially dug the one light bulb, dimly lit performance... it was like going back to the times of the original burlesque, dark, seedy, under the big top - good times.

as far as the jake the alligator man pin-up contest - our winner is Brittney Hickman and all of the local, non-pro models... I've given Brittney & Josh their very own jake award.

bummed the movie was canceled due to rain... the weather here is unpredictable and it rains a hell of alot so I'm not sure how they'll ever do a drive in, out door film if it's contingent on the weather... but what do I know.

Amy, Cheyenne and myself had a great time all in all... it was fun drinking some beers and watching a great burlesque troupe and a couple of rockin good bands... and for me, it's always nice when folks, especially hot gals tell me I did good or that they like what I 'do'... so thanx to Jake for having me and letting me show my wares.

find out more about jake and his events here:

and on an entirely different subject, but inspired thruout my picture takin time at jake's b-day party... it doesn't make you a photographer because you have a big lens and a nice camera, it makes you a camera owner.... next time you interrupt my shot, stand over my shoulder as I pose a shot or in general get in my way, I'm going to shit on your fuckin shoe... be considerate or die, or better yet, strive to be more than the owner of a camera and maybe take at least one decent photo in your life.
Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o

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