Friday, June 19, 2009

cooking while stoned recipe pt.1

making new food while stoned is a favorite pass time.
I do it alot less than my younger days and wish I had the fortitude to take notes back in the day.

this was amazing, a bit pricey but worth it.

lay down in this order...

-1 piece wasa multigrain crisp bread
- turkey breast lunch meat, don't skimp get the best of the breast.
- 6-7 blueberries, smash flat so they'll lay in a layer
-a slice or two of Cotswold cheese, about 2/8 in. thick, place dwn center.
-6-7 blueberries, again, smash flat so they'll lay in a layer.
- waffer thin slices of red onion
- a squirt of mayo
- a smaller squirt of a dijon mustard

maybe a couple of thin slices of tomato.

you must toast this treat, toast until onions & cheese brown together.

start with desert, preferably a kit kat candy bar.

I'll add a picture in the next week.

Monday, June 15, 2009

my four eyes...

it ain't pretty gettin old... the doc tells me I'm near sited w/ astigmatism.

after not being able to see two feet in front of me, I traded up and now have glasses.

their uncomfortable and will take some time getting used to, but the improved eye site is exciting and worth it.

I was thinking that an upside is not getting punched in the face, but a local shop owner and 4 eye club member was accosted and punched in the face, smashing his glasses and nose.

unfuckinreal thing is - both puncer and punchee was ticketed because the the cop'rs didn't see it.

I plan on eating lots of carrots.

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