Thursday, April 9, 2009

understand the understood.

there's the understood and then there's the rule makers, the movers and shakers... the ones who understand the understood.

for animals...
misunderstood is good... it's fluid.
understood is bad... it's not.

stay fluid and move, shape and mold the rock to your flow.

deer in headlights

dave archer started it... I took a hammer, 'the' clay, a 22 bullet, some smashed waterford crystal glassware, a sea gull carcass, a little moon man, fake wolf eyes and a couple of sharks teeth to it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please post them as a comment. (if that's not you, an email will do.)

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over 20 years of refusing the invites of the educated, celebrity and ruling classes, preferring instead the excitement of upper low class, poverty, petty crime and violence.

It's not the wine and cheese I hate, it's the boring, void of anything lives the rich and privileged scurry thru like the walking dead on meth - most of the rich think their cultured simply by consuming - culture can't be bought, it must be lived.

I was truly meant to live on the side of a hill, growing my own tomatoes, basil and garlic in peace with my soul mate and dog.

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