Saturday, November 10, 2012

the sweetest days on my life!

for me, the nine days of pie was such a great time. thank you to any and all for attending, for the gifts, the company, the conversation. it was so nice to have a holiday, it was nice to hear children and chat with those we havent seen for so long. this event really fills the hole of not having family to holiday with. amazing. I smile seldom, but today I'm thinking I'll smile more thru out the year and when life kicks and punches I will think of the days I spent with you all on the nine days of pie... these truly are the sweetest days on my life!

Amy Bugbee has a new blog up at the 9 days of pie website and promisses ALL of the recipes by the AM:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

the 9 days of pie...

are among us.
well, they could be, you only have to make a pie and share it.

amy created a holiday for us. a holiday to help wipe the holidays other folk feel bad over and, for the most part regret. not the nine days of pie - a holiday built around indulgence and pleasure.

Amy has a website built around the even complete with recipes...

yes I am a lucky man. I am also a grateful man.
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