Thursday, August 30, 2012

so sorry...

I need to apoligize.
It's rare.

for most of the days I've spent publicly communicating, I have expressed a deep disdain for christians. I have even hinted at harm to any and all of them.

I'm sorry for that.

after our road trip and while going over the final edit of the book, I have to admit, I was wrong.

while, I still have deep issues with organized religion and, I still consider myself an atheist with agnostic leanings, I have to admit, we would have never accomplished our year long road trip goal without the kind folks we met along the road, folks who helped with words/roofs and food.

our beliefs or lack there of didn't stop them… some of those folks are christian, most, we're still friends with, one has even offered to help pay for a tooth issue I'm having.

my point, it's the individual and not the organization or affiliations they identify with.

funny how this shit works out… I've always wanted to be treated as an individual and have never understood how people could treat me and my family so poorly based on our philosophical beliefs.

yea, I'm sorry and will try hard not to judge before I get into your head personally, until I try and understand you the person.
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