Friday, September 28, 2012

john sinclair is all talk and everyone but himself.

Listening in to Matt Dwyer's podcast featuring John Sinclair gave me a great big smile. For now I understand what John so loved about Burroughs -- The acting, the fraud, and the great con.

If you stringed together the interviews with Sinclair you'd see what I see, and that's the evolution of his bullshit - Where he, like Burroughs takes from all around him and spins it into something they call their own. Much like popular writers do every day, they don't live a life and write about that, they write about those who live a life and 'act' as if it was their life.. and being an actor/writer, it's not hard for them to spin that illusion, or it wasn't hard until present-day.

Now that the age of information is leading to the age of honesty you can document the con.

Sinclair, in the Matt Dwyer podcast contradicts the argument he had with me when I filmed him some 5 years ago. He basically uses the point I stressed to him and he argued that I was wrong. The point I made was creative influence inspiring all change, and if a revolution was wanted, it would have to come about through creative influence first.

Later in the Dwyer podcast Sinclair takes from yet another interviewer - a Mr. William Ham and the interview he did with Sinclair while in Astoria, Oregon for the WTF Fest. John railed on Mr. Ham for bringing up pop culture names and I mean RAILED on him… In the Dwyer interview it seems he's had time to think about Mr. Ham's point and use it as his own.

The only reason he didn't beat on Matt like he did Mr. Ham was because Matt is a pal of Wayne Kramer, combined with the fact that Amy and I had just called Sinclair out publicly for being an asshole to folks who were his host and folks who went way beyond the call to give him respect and honor his wishes, and to top it off, having an ego that didn't match the results.

If you listen, and you won't, excluding Matt and Ham of course, you'll hear the dick talking about how famous folks are just people, and once you understand this you can have a conversation with them.  Funny, Sinclair isn't capable of a conversation… He cuts the too polite host, Matt Dwyer off time and time again to hear himself sound smart, to hear himself sound famous - Although he's merely regurgitating the words of every great man and woman he's brushed up against.

A typical poser who came from a zipcode of affluence and for some insane reason admired those who did not… Just like the man Sinclair wrote his college thesis on, William Burroughs.

here are the links to my interview with john sinclair:
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here is a link to the matt dwyer podcast…

I'll post audio from the william ham broadcast sometime next week.
until that day, here is a link to mr. ham's radio show blog:
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