Monday, November 2, 2009

art, whiskey and emergency cheese - anti-art camp pt.2

ruby larocca loved/love's seaview, wa.

and then she went mad... smashing seaweed in her hair...

doug mesner doing something with something.

he then went mad and tried to whip us with the weed.

the sea lions were the beAst time of our astoria visit.

seeing my sculptures in the astoria surreal art show was cool...

forcing my old pals to have a look was was fun too - I like to force my friends to do uncomfortable things.

like playing dress up.

and we ate... amy force feed us with guacamole and emergency cheese...

we made mojo bottles and sculptures of guns...

we put clay on anything we could find.

and we made a mess...

and we drank whiskey and attacked my neighbor chuck.

it was nice taking my friends to the beach... seeing that they too are into taking pics of dead things on the beach was a bonus - I think.

as some know I take pics of dead things on the beach as witnessed in the facebook photo album 'dead things on the beach'...

I don't feel so odd/original now... hmmmm.

our second more than annual anti-art camp was a success!

and before I forget.... we all collaborated on a set of four coffee mugs, the four mugs pictured below.

the process thanx you...

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