Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WTF?!?!? An ART & FREE SPEECH event

Hey my friend... yes, this is a form note, but we are not strangers - you're in my email folder because we've had contact. PLEASE take a second and look this over... it is important to a handful of artists looking to reach out.

This is about ART not WAR and not VOTING... PLEASE READ & RESPOND!

In any election year it's important to have and hear voices from, and of the alternative side... dissent is important.

This election year might be the most important as far as pushing back, it might be the last stand of free speech as we know it.

I'm asking, no I'm pleading, that you might take a second and read about and check out what it is we're doing... what it is we're asking for help with.

We will be bringing an ART & FREE SPEECH event to six cities between march and the end of april. We are asking for your help in doing that.

Austin Tx, - Portland Or, - Seattle Wa, - Eugene Or., - Tacoma Wa, and Astoria Or.

WTF fest features some radical artist and when I say radical art, I mean the radical speech and art that is burned and destroyed and imprisoned and censored kind of radical... the artist participating in WTF fest are ALL under attack... from being imprisoned, to having had their art censored, to being fearless with views, views that are most definitely against the status quo.

WTF fest is the freeest of speech!

WTF fest is dissent at it's finest!!

WTF fest it the creative class vs. the ruling class!!!

WTF fest is performance and art and music and words that are poetic!!!!

WTF fest is the art world entering the real world, it is the underground coming above ground!!!!!

WTF fest is a one day and one day only art gallery, complete with circus and fire and music and the great unknown.

This election year the independent voice seems lost - the alternative side of the political coin seems squashed.

Help us make WTF fest a free event, help us not go into debt doing this.

If you appreciate the arts and the artist and events like this, please check out the links below and think about kicking the kickstarter - $2 isn't that much and for $5 you can view the events from anywhere in the world AND we have great gifts and art and books as gifts for those who pledge $5 and above, so you do get something tangible for your help AND you help a group of dedicated and fiercely independent artists.

thanx for your time - I owe you for that.

this is our site:

this is our kickstarter campaign: KS doesn't charge you UNLESS we are 100% funded & we will get NOTHING if we are not 100% funded... we're close, almost 60% and with 9 days to go it's close - please consider helping and spreading the word.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tits for tips... and more - kick the kickstarter and...

see more.

48 hrs and we need to reach $1500 - if we do, I show a lot more from this video - if we don't, you'll only see this video if you buy the book and film we're releasing in june.

and, if you kick in at least $5, you'll have access to the live streaming video of the WTF event.

Wide release Jan 2013 - limited edition Nov 2012o
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