Saturday, July 7, 2012

you don't make peace with your past, you make war with your past - you make peace with your future.

you don't make peace with your past, you make war with your past - you make peace with your future.

The only thing Harley did wrong was not bringing an UZI to that show.

The John Joseph vs. Harley issue is a class war.

More times than not you have upper middle class ass hats lifting from the gutter - inspired and slimy they do all they can to look the part. Once they sound like the street thug they had the hots for, they cut that same dirtbag loose.

Usually without consequence or compensation.

I'm glad Harley struck back.

This is what happens when you use/abuse the self trained, free in mind and body and what those who ain't would call unstable artist, for profit and gain. Maybe I should say this is what should happen more often.

When will John Joseph take responsibility for his failure in this stabbing deal? His lack of action, his lack of compassion for his one time band mate. 

I feel if you're in a situation like the cro-mags are in, a creative collaboration of sorts, you MUST work it out. really, you create a masterpiece ( my wife's words and I sorta agree)  like age of quarrel, something so important to so many, you must work it out.

and or, deal with the crazy artist kid glove like or accept they might try to kill you.

I for one sympathize with Harley and hate the upper middle class punks who have turned almost every underground creation into something safe and sellable.

I for one would like to see John Joseph taken to task in the court of public opinion - or the court of knives and guns - either way - the mother fucker should be held accountable for not being man enough to make good with his other band members. creation over money is a golden rule - break that and get what you deserve.

Before you start whining - take into consideration the zipcode you probably drive really fast thru - the one you ain't from - the one where lack of resources demands brute force.

Without a lawyer and or cash a knife is about all you have to get the justice you feel deserving of.

I really hope Harley get's a break on this deal.

This here is a great example of a Harley fucking:

the original:

a great harley interview from the old days - thanx winnie:

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